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Manhattan Bridge - by: { SamAlive }

ASOIAF / GOT Challenge - Day 1

So yeah, I want to do this and I’m going to actually finish it!

1. Favorite Location 

There has always been one place I have loved more than anywhere else in the ASOIAF world that I would love to be real- Dorne

I am so excited we get to see it on the show next season, ahhh!!! I just imagine everything about it to be so incredibly beautiful and lush, and just paradise basically. 

~~SPARKLY NEW~~ a song of ice and fire 30-day challenge


i wanted to do an asoiaf challenge (that spans content in the books and show) but didn’t think the existing one touched on anything i’m interested in discussing or making graphics for. SO I MADE A NEW ONE. the plan is if you miss any days, double the fuck down and do all the…